Possibly my favourite part of my job!

Helping you see yourself as sexy is at the heart of what we do and is there a better way to embrace that feeling than a naughty portrait?

Have you ever read ‘commissions welcome’ in the bio of an artist you love but not been sure of what it might entail or how much it’s going to cost so you’ve just not got in touch? Me too! I want to make the process as transparent as possible for you before you commit. Here’s the low down on how I work:

Once I receive your message we’ll work together to help you decide exactly what you are after. We’ll discuss whether you have a particular budget or wall space in mind, what style you’re after, if there are any significant colours you would like to be included as well options like mounting and framing. I love to know a bit about the story of the person or photo so I can really try and capture that moment so you are always welcome to share as little or as much as you wish. Getting things right for YOU is what I care about most.

I work in a few ways, mostly from photograph but I may also be able to organise taking sketches in person or in a video chat. If you don’t have a specific picture in mind I can give you advise on poses and capturing the perfect reference shots. Your favourite pose is in one photo but prefer your face in another? We can work to combine multiple images into one seamless piece. I’ve worked with clients to add rope into their images or change the style of underwear. One thing I won’t edit is perceived ‘imperfections’. I wont make bodies slimmer, features bigger or remove lumps and bumps. Capturing the ‘realness’ of the models body in whatever form that takes is what makes for a really special piece of art.

All photographs are confidential and stored password protected. They will never be shared and are deleted from my files when the piece is finished.

This is where the brainstorming becomes reality! During this process I will keep you updated, sending through sketches which we can make changes to until you are happy with your drawing. Once you give the green light I will move forward with ink or paint to bring your piece to life. When it comes to final decisions on colours I will send swatches to explore options and get the perfect combo.

We’ll work out what is best for your needs in our original discussion, both will be packaged with the same amount of care and attention.

Unframed artwork with or without a mount will include a backboard and cellophane sleeve so that it arrives with you flat and protected.

Framing can have unlimited options and become quite overwhelming but you don’t need to deal with that as I have your back! Once we have discussed the piece itself and home décor style I will curate a selection of options that I believe will best suit your needs, all you need to do is pick your favourite. Framing starts from as little as £15 so you don’t even have to blow the budget!

Getting to you in the same condition that it left me and not getting lost is crucial! Your artwork will be sent via a tracked and signed service. UK shipping is free of charge, international shipping will be quoted individually.

I advise a general time frame of 4-6 weeks. ADHD brain does tend to help out here and getting started on a new piece is the dopamine hit I need, so often it will be on the lower end but it does depend how much I have on. If you need it sooner don’t despair, drop me a message and I can let you know if I have availability for a rush order. Larger work may take more time and this will be discussed during our initial chat.

The crux of what everyone wants to know! The answer is ……… it depends.

I know, I know, disappointing answer but there are just so many variables.

Prices start from as little as £95 so get in touch to discuss in more detail and I can give you a more accurate idea based on what you need.

After we have had a chat and decided upon your chosen artwork you can choose to pay entirely upfront in one go or pay a 50% non refundable deposit with the remainder of the balance due before posting.

Need a little longer? We can talk about a payment plan that suits you.

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